Poverty elevation

poverty eradication is done by training the youth on some skills and arts to raise funds to sustain their lives.

Peace Advocacy

As part of our objectives, we have initiated a peace campaign through social media which will aims at mobilizing youths against extremism and radicalization. The climax of the project will be on Peace Day, 21 Sept 2016.

Income Generation projects

1. We participate in car wash in the neighborhood on weekends. 2. Refreshing vending & vending activities. 3. Waste management 4. Shoe shining

Jigger Alleviation

Due to the many cases of jigger infestation in Kwale county, we iniated a campaign to visit the families affected. We visited the family through assistance of AIC Kiembeni Church who assisted us with logistics. We treated the family successfully and we discovered that there was also a need to reach out to other affected communities.


Mobilize the youths; help the needy, harness available resources and talents to create a society free from vices.


To institute a morally upright society with responsible individuals who are self-independent, disciplined and objective driven for the betterment of the society.